Friday Night Showcase Pregame: Jay Carroll

Jared “Jay” Carroll grew up in Chatham Massachusetts where he was brought up with a lot of the local musicians on Cape Cod. Born on April 14th, 1998, Jay has been jamming and making music with the current local artists since teenage years.

“I can’t juggle, I like chocolate milk and potatoes.” says Jared. Obviously a man of good taste. “Usually not together unless it’s done just right.” He added when asked about his biography. A man of tasteful humor, he calls this his claim to fame in this bio. Between Harry Potter and Star Wars, he exclaims with much passion that Harry Potter is clearly the dominant nerd choice when it comes to fantasy worlds and that everyone else is gravely mistaken like the Jedi’s of old or Harry’s dead parents.

“Ocean and mountains are both cool. So why can’t we have both?” Jared is a man of complex and intricate geographical tastes as he prefers both high and low altitude travels. This is evident in his over-abundant enthusiasm and lack of restraint on his agreement when asked to go on road trips. “More people should be like Jared” both D-Maxx and Big Al agree.

“If I could choose a super power it would be ability to fly or telekinesis.” Clearly a man of culture, Jared understands that if one cannot fly then one should be able to make other things fly regardless of consent. “Money isn’t important until you don’t have it.” A wise financial consultant, Jared understands that the point of money is to function and if you are without income that it is a cause of legitimate concern.

Jared believes that the point of life is to live and that pineapple is the shit, especially when sliced with a sword. “It’s important to see life from many angles. Let’s not get so caught up with the future that we don’t give ourselves a chance to enjoy this moment.” Jared Carrol was the first artist to appear on The Friday Night Showcase Pregame and he will always be remembered as our first. Jared released his hit single “Kangaroo” by the encouragement of The CCUnderground staff. He suprised everyone with a cheerful song about “moving to the speed of the kangaroo” that has been stuck in our heads for months.

“Take a peek within Push through your weaknesses See for yourself what is hidden beneath this.”

-Jared “Jay” Carroll

Kangaroo- Jay Carroll

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