Friday Night Showcase Pregame: Noah Pelty (Canon Hill)

Friday Night Showcase Pregame: Noah Pelty (Canon Hill) – from May 29th, 2020

Noah Pelty is an actor and musician local to New York City and Cape Cod. With inspiration rooted in the blues and early rockabilly, He learned to play guitar and began writing songs when he was 16 years old at a rehab and ranch in the Monarch Mountains of Montana.

Noah is an accomplished musician as well as a talented actor. in his earlier years he worked with TADA Youth Theatre for several seasons, and with Kidz Theatre, earning two National Youth Theatre Awards for his roles. Noah has worked on numerous short films, and appeared as a soloist in the Emmy Award winning PBS Special, ‘Handel’s Messiah Rocks’ with the Boston Pops. Sort of a “jack of all trades” in the entertainment buisness, Noah Pelty is some of the freshest talent to hit the east coast within recent years.

In addition to his career as an actor, Pelty is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and one of the chief songwriters for the Alt-Rock Band ‘Canon Hill’. Together the band has performed at venues throughout New England. Their debut album, Mugshot (2018), is on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Pelty favors simple workhorse guitars, and is an avid supporter of the phrase “stop your bitching and go for a hike. The songs are in the trees”.

Noah Pelty appeared on the Friday Night Showcase Pregame as the second guest since the show’s inception. Noah goes into some detail on his upbringing and how he grew up to be the musician that he is today. D-Maxx and Noah go on a tangent about guitars and equipment followed by Big Al and Noah reminiscing on their time on the artist’s showcase known as “Guitar Tales.”

The tale of how Noah came to be in Canon Hill is revealed. Originally recieved upon mixed feelings amongst the band, Noah quickly became a staple not only in the band’s sound but as a loved and dedicated member of Canon Hill. The CCUnderground was treated to a live recording of Canon Hill’s song “Queen Street” performed acoustically by Noah himself.

The CCUnderground will continue to follow Noah Pelty and Canon Hill with great interest as they continue to write new music and leave their mark on the music scene of New England.

For more information on Noah Pelty, you can visit his website at as well as Canon Hill’s website at

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