Friday Night Showcase Pregame: Dope Deity

Friday Night Showcase Pregame: Dope Deity- Aired June 19th, 2020

American music artist Dope Deity is an upcoming producer/rapper that bends and blurs the lines of genres within his music. He was born in High Point, NC and has lived around Winston Salem most of his life. Deity continues making waves with titles such as Food Lion from his most recent album Bipolar Air, to his more Owl City inspired tracks like Carolina.

During a recent interview with The CCUnderground, Deity was asked what his mission in music was and he replied “It’s very daunting when you like, I wanna change people’s perception of how they feel, but once you see that first person like, enjoy your music so much that they like wanna go out and make like art or ya know, explore their own hobbies or what they like, it’s just, in that moment it makes it worth it.”

Dope Deity provides listeners with an escape from reality and encourages those who listen to be inspired by how they feel.

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